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What is Microphlebectomy?

Varicose Veins

Microphlebectomy is a procedure for treating varicose veins. These twisted, blue, and bulging veins usually appear on the legs when blood flows in the wrong direction through faulty veins or tends to pool in one area. This condition can be painful and cause fatigue in patients. Microphlebectomy surgically removes the varicose veins. It is an outpatient procedure. You can walk immediately after surgery, with a bandage on, and resume normal activities the same day.

Who Needs a Microphlebectomy?

Anyone who seems to have blue or purple bulging veins appearing under their skin, particularly on the legs, may be interested in microphlebectomy. In many cases, there may be no pain or discomfort, and the varicose veins may just be a cosmetic concern as they are visible on the skin. In some cases, though, there may be pain, fatigue, discomfort, or other issues. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, painful or otherwise, you should get it diagnosed to determine if you do have varicose veins.

Varicose Veins

How Is It Done?

Microphlebectomy is a minimally invasive procedure that removes some parts of the large varicose veins appearing just under the skin. You may have to undergo an ultrasound examination just before the procedure to ensure that the veins deeper inside the tissue are functioning well and are not the cause of the varicose veins.

The surgeon will perform the procedure under local anesthesia. A small incision is made on the skin near the varicose veins. The twisted vein is then grabbed by a tiny hook and drawn out through that incision. There is no negative effect on the blood flow and circulation due to the removal of the faulty veins as the blood from these veins is re-directed to another deeper vein.

Once the procedure is completed, the area is bandaged, and usually, there is no requirement for stitches as the incision is very small. You may have to wear compression stockings and avoid any strenuous activities for a few weeks, but you can go about your normal day-to-day activities immediately after the surgery.

Benefits of Microphlebectomy

The modern procedure of Microphlebectomy is beneficial in many ways.

  • Removes superficial varicose veins and associated discomfort with a success rate of more than 90%
  • No tissue trauma
  • Minimal bleeding during the procedure
  • No stitches required
  • Outpatient procedure requiring less than two hours

What to Expect After a Microphlebectomy

Avoid heavy activity and wear the compression stockings for at least two weeks after the procedure, there will be little to no discomfort. You may be advised to walk for 20 minutes daily. When resting, you may need to rest your leg on an elevated surface so that it is above the level of your heart. Some minor swelling and soreness are normal, and these symptoms can be relieved by using ice packs. The dressing will need to be changed after 24 hours. Apart from this, the procedure is completely safe, and recovery is very quick.

Dr. Rishi Panchal is very kind, caring and compassionate. I have confidence in his knowledge and competence. He takes the time to explain without being condescending the way many doctors are. He has been very thorough with my care to insure a successful outcome. I can’t thank him enough. I will be his patient for many years to come.
David Janzen

  • Fellow of American College of Cardiology
  • Society for Cardiovascular Angiography & Interventions (SCAI)
  • Chronic Limb Ischemia Global Society
  • Society for Vascular Medicine

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