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Archive for October, 2022

How To Avoid A Heart Attack In Florida Heat

Cardiologist Doctor Florida

Many health experts agree that the number of extreme heat events in Florida is growing. Heat can cause many problems, including dizziness, heat exhaustion, and dehydration. With Florida’s heat, taking the proper steps to care for yourself is necessary.  Avoiding a heart attack in the Florida heat means having a cardiologist doctor in Florida, avoiding […]

Why Spider Veins Are Noticeable in Florida

spider vein treatment in west palm beach

There’s a reason why people from all over the United States up sticks and make their home in Florida. With warm winters, zero chance of snow, and summers that stay around the low 90s, there are few more inviting places in the US to call home. Warmer temperatures mean we can shed the woolies and […]

What Are the Signs You Should Visit a Varicose Vein Specialist?

Varicose Vein specialist

About 23% of US adults have varicose veins. Including reticular and spider telangiectasias veins increases prevalence to 80% of men and 85% of women. Despite the increasing prevalence, many people don’t know when to visit a varicose vein specialist. Here are a few symptoms that indicate it’s time to visit a local varicose vein clinic. […]